Featuring four redeemable 3D/AR NFTs based on real shoes from Spencer Dinwiddie’s K8IROS sneaker line, with all proceeds going to The Dinwiddie Family Foundation.
Each NFT has been brought into the metaverse as a 3D/AR sneaker! The 1 of 1 Crypto K8IROS NFT is based on Spencer’s customized game worn sneakers created by Kickasso and will be sold via an auction starting at July 22nd, 2021 at 12pm ET, ending Aug. 5th, 2021 at 12pm ET. The winner of this auction will be able to redeem the NFT and have the physical pair of the signed Crypto K8IROS shipped to them, hold the NFT, or choose to sell the NFT on the marketplace, passing the one-time rights on to the next buyer. The 3 other BK K8IROS NFTs will be released free of charge to the INFINITE community! All unique users who sign up for an account between 12pm ET July 22nd, 2021 and 12 pm ET August 5th, 2021 will be entered for a chance to win one (1) of the three (3) 1-of-1 redeemable BK K8IROS NFTs, which can be redeemed for a pair of the physical shoes signed by Spencer; or one of the limited edition BK K8IROS NFTs. For each free NFT given away, the INFINITE community will make a donation to the Dinwiddie Family Foundation to help empower at-risk and disadvantaged youth through fitness, literacy, and educational programming. As we look to bridge the physical and digital worlds to provide collectible authenticity records, each of the four (4) pairs of signed physical shoes which can be redeemed will also include a tamper proof INFINITE NFC tag that links the shoes to a digital NFT authenticity record whose ownership can be transferred via the INFINITE iOS app.
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