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Introducing Mache's 1st digital NFT shoe release

Welcome to the next stop on our journey: The Badlands in South Dakota. This colorway pays homage to the rock formations found in the Badlands National Park, with the different colors and textures on the shoe representing the awesome sedimentary patterns that were shaped by the sea millions of years ago.

Make history as an owner of Mache's first digital sneaker release, with one lucky owner eligible to claim a signed box and pair of the physical Bandlands shoes later this summer!

Digital Release

This digital replica of Mache's Badlands shoe brings it to life in the digital world as an NFT with a unique video of the digital shoe in the bandlands and an AR version that you can interact with.

Click on the second image above to interact with the 3D model, or press the AR logo in the top right to bring these shoes to life through your device if you have a iPhone with iOS 13+, iPadOS 13+ or Android with ARCore 1.9+

The digital replica mirrors the unique custom features of the physical shoe. Featuring an

  • Outsole with Speckled Vibram
  • Upper with stone-colored suede, nubuck, leather, 3M hits, along with red contrast elements. Extra red laces for additional customization opportunities
  • Insole with “Abominable Snowman” French Terry sockliner


  • This is a limited edition digital NFT shoe release, with up to 1000 editions that can be minted.
  • If purchased, your edition of the NFT will be transferred to your INFINITE user's digital wallet.
  • All resales of the NFT are subject to a 10% royalty fee to be paid from the sale price to the creator.
InfiniteWorld NFTs are minted on the Hedera Hashgraph