BK Shadow
Limited to 268
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Aug 5, 2021, 4:00 PM
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Aug 19, 2021, 4:00 PM
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Not Redeemable

K8IROS - optimal timing

Aptly named after the Greek god of time Kronos' son, Kairos (K8IROS) stands for optimal timing: making the most out of your moment. Both Kronos and Kairos are intertwined with Spencer’s journey. Spencer created the K8IROS line to fulfill a childhood dream of designing his own sneakers, embracing the challenge and meticulously producing a series of quality performance sneakers for himself and the community to wear.

Now is your chance to own one of Spencer's 1st NFTs for FREE as the K8IROS BK Shadow shoes have been transported on into the metaverse as a 3D sneaker on a pedestal that rotates with a clockwork mechanism, paying homage to the Greek origins of the name with statuesque pillars surrounding the shoe high above the clouds.

Step into the metaverse with the digital AR sneakers

Open the second thumbnail to view the AR model of the shoe, with owners of the NFT able to download the AR sneaker and full resolution video, featuring music sampled from Eye of the Brainstorm's single End of the Week.

The INFINITE team will donate to the Dinwiddie Family Foundation for each free NFT given away

As the INFINITE ecosystem grows, the team is showing their commitment to growing a community of user involved with testing the bounds of NFT utility and artistry while supporting amazing causes like The Dinwiddie Family Foundation.

Release Details

  • This is a limited edition digital NFT release with up to 268 editions of the NFT that can be minted.
  • All resales of the NFT are subject to a 15% royalty fee to be paid from the sale price to the Dinwiddie Family Foundation.
InfiniteWorld NFTs are minted on the Hedera Hashgraph